Special Educational Needs

The Inclusion Faculty at Dixons Allerton Academy is fully committed to ensuring that all scholars have ambitious life choices. The ethos within the school, driven by the Senior Leadership Team and adopted by all staff, is an inclusive one. We place strong value in both academic achievement and personal development, believing that scholars should achieve their full potential, learning alongside their peers within a nurturing environment.

We work diligently with scholars, teachers and parents/carers in order to ensure that all SEND scholars receive a rich curriculum which reflects their individual needs and aspirations. There is a clear focus on teaching and learning within the Academy that runs in conjunction with a commitment to developing well-rounded, industrious young people who are happy and responsible for shaping their own purposeful futures.

As an Academy, we promote three core values to support achievement, they are: Happiness, Industry and Responsibility. The core values are supported by a relentless drive to instil self-determination, mastery and independence by constantly encouraging scholars to aim high in order to enhance their opportunities in life.

Dixons Allerton Academy has made a commitment to ensuring that the correct support is available at the right time in a child’s development. This involves accurate identification and assessment of need, appropriate intervention and robust monitoring of progress. We strive to create a supportive environment where young people are happy and enjoy a wide range of interests.

Success is achieved, in part, through a dedicated team of teaching and support personnel exhibiting high expectations for scholars with SEND. However, the key factor underpinning all provision throughout the Academy is our child-centred approach. In addition, we acknowledge the importance of a collaborative approach between scholars, parents/carers and Academy staff. As such, we believe in a friendly, open and transparent approach to supporting the families of learners with SEND.

We have an accessible and approachable team of staff who are committed to working with scholars, parents and the wider community to ensure the best possible outcomes for learners with SEND.  For further information, or to speak to our team please contact us on 01274 770230 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and put Inclusion in the subject heading

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