Year 7 Residential Visit (Sept 2017) - Kingswood

This course has been developed for Year 7 scholars to allow them to understand the changing nature and challenges of moving to a secondary school and develops their character, giving them skills to overcome the settling in process.  Scholars will participate in a variety of activities including: team building activities such as Raft Building, Camp Craft, Problem Solving, communication development, friendship building and Orienteering.

Scholars will leave the Academy at lunchtime (approx. 12.30 pm) on Monday 4 September 2017 and return home on the afternoon (approx.. 3.00pm) of Wednesday 6 September 2017.  The scholars will be accompanied by members of the Academy staff at all times.

Letters & Forms

Parental Consent Form
Advice for Parents
Identifying potential issues & concerns


All forms can be returned to Mrs Holmes or Mrs Crabb