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Parent Consultation Evenings' 2019/20

Primary - Wednesday 20 November 3.30pm until 5.30pm and Thursday 21 November 3.30pm until 7.30pm

Year 7 - Thursday 30 April 4:30pm until 7pm

Year 8 - Thursday 27 February 4:30pm until 7pm

Year 9 - Thursday 26 March 4:30pm until 7pm

Year 10 - Thursday 12 March 4:30pm until 7pm

Year 11 - Thursday 21 November 4:30pm until 7pm

Post 16 - Thursday 28 November 4:30om until 7pm

As the dates for each evening approach you will be invited to book appointments online.

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This weeks Appreciations
3:36pm 03.04.2020


What do you do when you can’t go outside and you have played all the games you own? You make a new one out of a cereal box, of course! Well done for using your #industry skills, Alissiah!
3:15pm 02.04.2020


Our world is a strange place to live at the moment. Atif and Falak have drawn and written in their jar of courage to help them be brave and remember that once all the germs have gone, we can all go back to normal. #happiness
2:14pm 02.04.2020


Fatima from Year 2 has been practicing various skills including Geography, Science and History- all based on Year 2’s Key Facts. She was keen to share it with Mrs Mulligan, and I can see why! #industry
2:04pm 02.04.2020