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Information on Academy Return

Posted on 28.08.2020

Information on Academy Return

Over the summer break, our site has undergone a full deep clean and all annual safety checks will be completed.  Our academy will be following government guidelines when students return regarding: 

  • minimising contact with those who are unwell 
  • cleaning hands thoroughly and more often 
  • ensuring good respiratory hygiene by promoting 'catch it, bin it, kill it' approach 
  • enhanced cleaning 
  • minimising contact between individuals  Although we will need to make adjustments to how the school day will run, we are fully committed to ensuring each of our students will still experience the full range of curriculum subjects which underpin a Dixons education.   In order to ensure that all of our staff and students are fully ready for the start of the academic year, we have altered the start dates to provide additional training and induction for students and staff. Please find below the start dates for each cohort: 
  • All Primary children return – Tuesday 1 September 2020 
  • Year 13 return – Tuesday 1 September 2020 
  • Year 7 return – Tuesday 1 September 2020 
  • Year 9 return – Thursday 3 September 2020 
  • Year 11 return – Thursday 3 September 2020 
  • Year 10 return – Friday 4 September 2020 
  • Year 8 return – Monday 7 September 
  • Year 12 return – Monday 7 September 2020*  

 *Year 12 remote induction will begin on Tuesday 1 September in google classroom.     

  •  Please note that all students will have full re-induction when they return. We are here to help prepare and support students and staff as we return from this extended period away from the academy.