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Poetry Competition

Posted on 23.02.2021

Jawahir Jelani – Year 11 Winner

We're Possible

Impossible is what we deem as realistic

With our hopes and dreams far from holistic

We walk the walk, we talk the talk

Yet we do not realise that our minds seem to be crumbling like the end of a chalk

As we see the line draw itself straight to the end

No pulse, no pain, we’re just left going insane

The thoughts that take over, I can't even comprehen

But I promise you this work is all in vain

Write, write, write it’s about to end

Our hands smothered with the dust I inhale and apprehend

We all sit in perplexity

We think... this isn’t what you promised me?

But we carry on writing ostensibly

Write, write, write we all feel our hands quiver

As our tired muscles steadily move quicker

Until we feel our hands drop flat on the desks

With our minds astounded with all these tests

The constellation of thoughts pinpointed in our minds

Whilst we sit and wonder if this was the endgame

We look at our hands, pure white left from the remainders of the chalk

To say it’s possible is our only aim

Our stomachs churn, our hearts drop, our legs tremble

We don’t think it’s possible

But the smothered chalk begins to reassemble

When we think all is lost, we want to make time stoppable

Looking down on the paper, thinking we are possible

Year 9 Winner – Anees Tariq

I'm possible

My hope is to be a doctor

It will be great if this happens

My dream is to save the world

It will be great if this happen

I would make a cure for cancer

A killing disease

This is possible

I wish to make a positive impact

I wish to help people

I wish to help everyone

This will make me proud

This will make me happy

This is all possible