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At Dixons Allerton Academy, we build a partnership between parents, students and teachers that puts learning first. We help our students to value learning by activating them as owners of their own learning, utilising the pedagogical approaches of flipped learning and mastery.  

Our teachers have real respect for their learners as people with ideas of their own. They are passionate about teaching and learning, and able to present challenging learning tasks. Their expertise allows them to 'read' their classrooms and to be more responsive to learners. They are extremely flexible and take every opportunity to maximise learning. They are great seekers and users of feedback. 

We firmly believe that assessment is the bridge between teaching and learning. Therefore, every lesson at Allerton will show evidence of the following core features:

  1. Personalised learning activities
  2. Effective formative assessment
  3. Clear development and structure of learning

These are compulsory features of all our lessons.

In our classrooms and in our schemes of work and lessons plans, we value knowledge, skills and understanding.

Our top 3 literacy strategies are: 

  • reading book in possession at all times (reading)
  • speak in full sentences and no slang (speaking)
  • track the speaker/s (listening)

We harness the power of feedback to increase student engagement, by ensuring that feedback is focussed on embedding learning and showing progress.

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