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Dixons Allerton Academy

Secondary admissions

Year 7 intake in September 2024

Applications to the Academy should be made via the local authority (council) common application form (CAF); this can be found on Bradford Council’s website in September. You will need to name the Academy as one of your school preferences on that form. If you live outside of the Bradford area, you will need to apply via your own local authority’s website.

If you are applying for a place at Dixons Allerton Academy under the 'Exceptional medical or social need' or 'Children of staff' oversubscription criteria, please follow the instructions in the Admissions Guidance document which is available from the Downloads section at the bottom of this page.

The Academy receives many more applications than there are places available. Places are ranked in the order of the oversubscription criteria as stated in the Admissions and Appeals Policy 2024-25 (available from the Downloads section below).

The table below shows the number of applications there were last year and how many places were allocated in each of the criteria:

Number who named the Academy as a preference


Number of places available


Number of places awarded to each oversubscription criteria in order of priority

Students at Dixons Allerton moving from Year 6


Children with an EHCP


Looked-after & former looked-after children


Children with exceptional medical or social need (applications agreed)


Children of staff (up to 4)


Siblings of students at Dixons Allerton


Children at Dixons Manningham or Dixons Marchbank academies


Distance (the furthest admission by distance criteria was 1.162 miles)


Siblings of children in the same admission year



* An additional 5 children have been allocated above the admission number of 245, due to several children requiring a school place for whom there was no place available in the local authority. These additional admissions were allocated to children via the distance criterion and were given to those who were highest up the list. These additional places apply to this academic year only.

Each year the last child admitted under criteria, including distance, can vary as this is dependent upon factors such as the number of children applying that year, the number who qualify under the higher criteria, and the number of children who list the Academy as their 1st preference. As a guide for parents who are considering applying to the Academy, the last distance in previous years has been as follows:


Furthest distance


1.162 miles


1.219 miles


0.879 miles

More information about the secondary school application process is available here from September.

Further information about the Academy can be found on this website or by contacting the Academy via:
telephone: 01274 089890 – option 2

Open event

An open event will take place on Tuesday 19 September 2023. Arrival is from 4.00pm and the event will close at 6.00pm. Presentations will take place at 4.15pm and 5.15pm.

In-Year Applications

Dixons Allerton Academy is an oversubscribed school and, consequently, a vacancy is only likely to occur if we drop below the admission number.

To apply, you will need to complete an In-Year Common Application Form (ICAF) for the local authority in order to be eligible for a place if a vacancy occurs. The ICAF and more information about the process is available from the council website or you can request for a form to be sent to you by e-mailing: or by telephoning 01274 439200.

If a vacancy does occur, the Academy will look at the waiting list and children will be prioritised in accordance with the oversubscription criteria in the Admissions & Appeals policy 2023-24 (available from the Downloads section below). We send this list to the local authority, and they then allocate the place in the order of the waiting list and in line with parental preference (as specified on the ICAF).

Should you have any questions about the admissions process, please e-mail: or telephone: 01274 089890 – option 2

Applying for entry into Post 16 (sixth form)

The Academy publishes specific criteria in relation to minimum academic entrance requirements for progression from Year 11 to the Post 16 provision. Please see the Post 16 section for further information.

Dixons Admissions Guidance 2024 intake (PDF)
DAA Admissions Appeals Policy 2024 25 (PDF)
DAA Admissions Appeals Policy 2023 24 (PDF)