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Dixons Allerton Academy

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Posted 17th June 2021

To try and make life easier for parents, we have decided to launch the MCAS (My Child At School) app at Dixons Allerton Academy.

The app, which can also be viewed as a website, will allow us to bring together the many elements of daily interaction into one place, once you have downloaded and signed into the app just some of the things you will be able to do are:

  • View the Academy calendar
  • Add dinner money funds and pay for trips / clubs
  • View your child's timetable
  • Check and amend the contact data we hold for you
  • Message the Academy
  • View Achievement and Behaviour events
  • Receive Academy communications
  • Book Parents Evening Appointments

If we already hold your email address, you will receive an invitation link to download and sign up. We would urge you to do this now so we can confirm all information held is correct and resolve any issues with sign up before the summer.

Below you can find a quick video guide to get you moving as well as the full Parent Guide in the downloads for those who would like a bit more detail.

MCAS Video Walkthrough

As always, if you are having problems accessing the MCAS please contact the Academy on or 01274 089890.