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Dixons Academies Charitable Trust Ltd has three levels of governance to hold the Executive and Principals to account, and to ensure the Trust operates as a charity and a limited company should do: the Trust comprises of Members; The Trust Board comprises of Trustees; and our Local Governing Bodies who are responsible for ensuring that the Academy is conducted in accordance with its ethos and values.  

The Trust Board forms the governing body, the board of directors and board of trustees of the Trust. Within the Objects of the MAT, the Trust Board is responsible for ensuring clarity of vision and ethos, setting the strategic direction, holding the executive to account, and overseeing financial performance.  For more details about our Trustees, visit the Trust website.

The full powers and duties are laid out in our Scheme of Delegation, which can be found in the Trust website Document library

Governors can be contacted via the academy address or by completing the contact form on our Contact us page.    

The Chair of the Local Governing Body is Lynn Barrett.

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