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Dixons Allerton Academy

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Vision, mission and values

Our mission is to improve student achievement, develop character, create an academic culture, and raise aspirations by ensuring daily practices are outstanding. We want our students to leave our academy saying:"At DAA, I developed good moral principles and achieved exceptional outcomes that allowed me to have ambitious life choices."We will work tirelessly and do whatever it takes for our students to achieve this. We make no excuses for having incredibly high expectations. We work with families, students, and each other to ensure all students leave prepared and equipped for their next stage in learning and life.Our three academy values of Happiness, Industry and Responsibility infuse everything we do. We are proud of our academy and welcome you to join us.


We have three academy values that we live by each day:

Happiness - the joy of life and learning
Industry - hard work and resilience
Responsibility - always doing the right thing, taking control and being accountable for one’s actions

British values

Students at Dixons Allerton Academy come from many different cultures and faiths. We study British Values so that all students, so
that they all understand what the people of our society see as being important and what we feel is right and wrong.
At DAA we promote a culture that embraces the five British Values below:

  1. Democracy
  2. The rule of law
  3. Individual liberty
  4. Mutual respect
  5. Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

Students are involved in the interviewing process when new appointments are made to the Academy. Student views
are collected through annual questionnaires.

Primary School Council and Members of the Student Leadership group apply for their positions and have to go through a selection process in order to be

Democracy lessons are delivered through our "Primary PHSE lessons and assembly and Secondary Collective Learning Session. This concept is also revisited regularly through subjects such as History and RE.

Throughout the academy day the importance of laws (whether they be those that govern class, the Academy, the local community or the country) are consistently reinforced through assemblies and Collective Learning as well as when dealing with issues of behaviour and conduct.

The values and reasons behind laws, as well as the way in which they govern and protect us are made apparent in a
number of curriculum areas.

Within our Academy, students are actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment. We educate and provide boundaries for students to make choices safely.

The Academy offers a range of extra-curricular opportunities for students to opt into. They are encouraged discover their own unique talents and interests.

Mutual respect is at the heart of our values. Students learn that their behaviour choices have an effect on their
own rights and those of others.

Mutual respect is also part of each classroom’s learning environment, as well as our behaviour policy.

Dixons Allerton Academy is a multi-faith, multicultural school. Students experience diversity on a day-to-day basis.
Our assembly, Collective Learning programme and work in curriculum areas reinforces tolerance and respect of others.

Cultural appreciation and development form part of our curriculum. We place great emphasis on providing
experiences for students that will help broaden their awareness of others.